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HS2 Construction Issues

Latest News: (last updated 21 June 2017)

Parish Council representatives attend the county council's HS2 Liaison Group meetings where HS2 construction issues are reviewed on a regular basis.

HS2 select committee of MPs in Lower Thorpe, 2014.

Banbury Lane may be closed for through traffic at Lower Thorpe for up to two years during the construction period. The Parish Council has been advised that information received from HS2 indicates construction of the Lower Thorpe viaduct and the cross-country haul route is unlikely to start before 2019 and construction will take approximately 20 months. Site clearance and environmental activities are likely to start at an earlier date.

Construction traffic concerns

Construction traffic is a major concern. HS2 propose to route construction traffic along Banbury Lane through Thorpe Mandeville village to the Lower Thorpe compound throughout the anticipated two year construction period probably starting in 2019. This has created great safety and environmental concerns. The Parish Council petitioned against the HS2 Hybrid Bill requesting noise and construction traffic mitigation. In January 2015 HS2 offered an Assurance to remove large construction traffic going through the village centre with the exception of the creation of the satellite work compound and a balancing pond in Lower Thorpe; a cross country haul route is proposed.

Weekday construction traffic flow along 'Banbury Road' adjacent to the village, between Bulls Lane and the B4525 is estimated by HS2 to be circa 530 vehicles each way daily at peak time.

HS2 have set up a helpdesk team: Tel. 08081 434434 (a Freephone number.)

The link below is a map produced by HS2 in 2015 showing anticipated peak traffic flows in 2021. This was issued before HS2 agreed to reduce traffic along Banbury Lane in the centre of the village.

Other concerns

Other major concerns being considered by the HS2 Liaison Group meeting, mentioned above, are the design of power gantries and viaducts. The meeting is endeavouring to monitor and influence the position.

Above: HS2 opposition sign at The Three Conies Inn, 2010, before the HS2 Bill received Royal Assent.