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Planning Applications

Thorpe Mandeville Parish Council does not make any planning decisions. The Council is advised of relevant planning applications by South Northamptonshire District Council (SNC), the local planning authority, and it is invited to make comments.

Comments from individuals are also welcome by the SNC. These should be submitted direct to the SNC within the time limit.

The SNC looks to the Parish Council and individual parishioners for insight as part of its decision making process but it may not follow the submitted views.

Planning Applications are normally discussed by the Parish Council at its scheduled meetings (see Calendar for dates). Discussion of current applications is a permanent agenda item for Council meetings.

When the SNC's deadline for comments is before the next scheduled Parish Council meeting and the application is not deemed significant, the application is considered by the Parish Council's Planning Application Committee (Cllr Tim Moss (Chairman), Cllr Ian Durham and Cllr Emlyn Lilly).

All decisions made by the full Parish Council and the Planning Application Committee are recorded in the Council's minutes.

Recent Planning Applications

The following summary has been extracted from the SNC website. It is not updated on a daily basis and therefore it may not be complete. The latest planning applications and detail regarding all applications can be accessed by this link to the SNC planning website.

On the SNC website click 'Continue' at the foot of the page, then enter 'Thorpe Mandeville' in the 'Parish' box on the next page; clicking 'Search' takes you to the parish planning applications.

S/2018/0963/FUL Received 26 April 2018
Single storey rear extension, Merivale, Banbury Lane, Thorpe Mandeville, OX17 2EX.

S/2018/0498/FUL & S/2018/0499/LBC Received 26 February 2018.
Replacement of existing timber gates with metal gates to front boundary of the manor house parking area. Thorpe Mandeville Manor, Banbury Lane, Thorpe Mandeville, OX17 2HR.

S/2018/0053/FUL Received 20 December 2017.
Conversion, extension and change of use of agricultural buildings to a dwelling house and new access driveway, Thorpe Lodge Farm, Banbury Road, Thorpe Mandeville, OX17 2HA.

S/2017/2896/FUL Received 4 December 2017.
Partial conversion and rebuilding of barn to create a dwelling (retrospective), Hanginghill Barn, Wardington Road, Thorpe Mandeville.

S/2017/2811/TCA Received 28 November 2017.
Work on trees in a Conservation Area,Thorpe Mandeville Court, Banbury Lane, Thorpe Mandeville, OX17 2EY.

S/2017/2475/FUL & S/2017/2476/LBC Received 3 October 2017.
Installation of metal double gates and fencing to front boundary of the Stables parking area. Thorpe Mandeville Manor Stables, Banbury Lane, Thorpe Mandeville, OX17 2HR.

S/2017/2214/TCA Received 30 August 2017.
Work on trees in a Conservation Area, Thorpe Mandeville Manor, Banbury Lane, Thorpe Mandeville, OX17 2HR.