Parish Church


Banbury Lane, Thorpe Mandeville, Banbury OX17 2EX

The Church is currently one of six parish churches in the Culworth Benefice prior to formally transferring to the Chenderit Benefice centred at Middleton Cheney. However, the ministry provision will transfer to the Chenderit Benefice with effect from February 2020.

Our Ministry:
Our Rector, The Reverend Brian Fairbank, has announced that he intends to retire on 30 November. His last service will be a retirement service on 1 November.
The Reverend Nick Leggett, Rector of the Chenderit Benefice, will be in charge of our ministry from 1 February. Father Nick is assisted by The Reverend Carolyn Oley, Associate Priest.

Church Opening:
Unfortunately it is not possible to open the church every day. If you are visiting the church and would like to ensure it will be open, please telephone Maurice Cole on the number below.

Father Nick Leggett

MINISTER (Contact for weddings, baptisms and funerals):
The Reverend Nick Leggett, Tel: 07925 419068 Email:
The Reverend Carolyn Oley, Tel: 01280 701311 Email:

Rev'd Carolyn Oley

Maurice Cole, Dormer House, Thorpe Mandeville, Banbury, OX17 2HR. Tel: 01295 711042
James Hewison, 2 Manor Farm Cottages, Halse, Brackley, NN13 6DY. Tel: 01280 700051

Church services:
A Holy Communion service is normally held at Thorpe on the 3rd Sunday every month at 11.00am in addition to the festival services. (See the Home page for forthcoming services in the parish.) Even if you have not been confirmed you will be most welcome at these services.

Church features:
The church building dates back to at least the early 14th century and it has Grade I listed building status. Features include a saddle-back tower roof, an impressive early 17th century monument to the Kirton family, a 14th century wall painting and attractive 19th century scholastic stained glass windows. There is a splendid ancient yew tree in the churchyard being well over 1,000 years old.
There is little doubt that the formative years of the puritan pioneer Rev'd John Mayo were in Thorpe Mandeville. Rev'd Mayo became the first pastor of the Second Church in Boston (The Old North Church) in 1655 and he was appointed to the Board of Overseers of Harvard College.

Maintaining our church:
Villagers have maintained our church for nearly 1000 years and hopefully we will do the same for future generations but it is currently a struggle. The upkeep of the church is entrusted to a team of parishioners constituted as the Parochial Church Council (PCC). Responsibilities include the running and maintenance of the building as well as funding the clergy. Finance is a main concern of our PCC. All parishes are required to fund the upkeep of their church buildings and the provision of clergy, the latter being assessed within a Parish Share assessment. We receive no financial support from the Church of England. Our church is therefore dependent on donations from parishioners to keep the church open. We struggle to find sufficient funds, not meeting the requested Parish Share in recent years, being £614 short in 2019. Basic running costs in 2019 totalled £8,550 including the Parish Share.

If you would like to contribute to the upkeep of our church, either by a single payment or annually, the PCC would be most appreciative. Please contact the rector or churchwardens. The PCC has charitable status enabling tax refunds to be made under the Gift Aid scheme. If your focus is on the maintenance of the church building in its beautiful setting, separate funds are held for both the the fabric of the church and churchyard maintenance.

There have been thefts from local churches. An attempted theft of lead at our church left damage to the roof. If you see questionable activity at the church please check with a churchwarden as soon as possible and record the vehicle registration.

Church registers:
The church registers date from 1559 to the present day. If you require information from the registers further details can be found at the following website summarising the history of the parish:

The PCC places great importance on Safeguarding matters and a copy of the PCC's Safeguarding Policy is on display in the church.

The information on this page has been provided by Thorpe Mandeville Parochial Church Council.